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Social Structure

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It is rude to speak to someone while directly facing them, as this carries the connotation they are being viewed mainly via infrared, as prey would be. Individuals speaking in a one-on-one setting will sit or walk abreast. In a crowd, where it is hard to avoid accidentally facing one another, the front eyes may be kept closed. In stricter communities, the back eyes may be closed as well, or both front and back pairs may be closed during any conversation at all.

Youngsters that are unaccustomed to these manners may dramatically turn their head when speaking, so that their body can still face the direction of conversation.

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Naming Conventions

Inland Karraguls

Young Karraguls are not named until the day they are forced to drop to their knuckles permanently. This is also the point they are considered an adult by the community. Names are given by other members of the community based on environmental events; as they live on water, and are at the mercy of nature, it is considered a very important and worthy thing to take the name of. Some examples are:

Coastal Karraguls

On the other hand, coastal communities prefer to name youngsters the moment they hatch. They follow a similar system of environmental names, so clutchmates tend to share similar names and are easily identified.


Since Karraguls have only one sex, their idea of gender has never been historically linked to it. Gender is assigned more to stages of life, and current reproductive roles. What humans might call a child is considered a gender to Karraguls, as is an elder. Adult Karraguls are agender for most of the year, only gaining a gender and being subject to certain roles and stereotypes during the mating season. Those that participate in mating, and those that protect resulting egg clutches are considered different genders, and this may change yearly basis for some individuals. Genders can thus be broadly defined as set or fluid, since some are intrinsically linked to age and cannot be changed, and others change depending on behaviour.

Set Genders

Fluid Genders