About Me
I'm Cy! I'm a 24 year old zoologist, artist, and writer. I'll be using this website to showcase my worldbuilding projects. No Devil Use is currently my most active project, though I work on the others off and on as well. These pages are still technically WIPs, and I am still updating them with information and images!

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Note: Most pages are mobile-compatible, but some are currently broken, so this site is best viewed on desktop!

No Devil Use No Devil Use
  • Urban fantasy
  • Character focused
  • Active, comic planned
  • Est. 2016
Karragul Homeplanet Karragul Homeplanet
  • Sci-fi
  • Worldbuilding focused
  • Active
  • Est. 2014
Flesh and Bone Flesh and Bone
  • Dark fantasy
  • Concept focused
  • On hiatus
  • Est. 2013

Legends of Empyria Split City Runaway to the Stars

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