Version 1.0 of the site is now live!
All the information I have developed enough to comfortably share is available. The site is far from complete - images and more information will be added - and the design isn't final either. But the basics of all my worlds are finally in one place :)

15/3/2022 - New character pages launched, info added to Shifting page.
29/12/2021 - Dropdown lists removed.
27/12/2021 - Whole website officially mobile compatible!
9/11/2021 - Added information and images to Fauna and Ontogeny pages.
26/9/2021 - Updated Biology page.
25/9/2021 - New pages added to Karragul Homeplanet, style adjusted.
24/9/2021 - Added a gallery to Gold's page.
23/9/2021 - Updated home page to v2.0.
12/9/2021 - Updated Biology page.
10/9/2021 - Updated No Devil Use site to v2.0, added bugs section.
8/9/2021 - Added an acknowledgements section.
7/9/2021 - Updated Karragul Homeplanet site to v2.0, added information to Biology page.
6/9/2021 - Added tooltips for world links, and opacity on hover.

Known Bugs
Navigation bar is out of alignment on Karragul pages.

Future Plans
Inclusion of more images/graphics.